Maintenance Downtime
There are times when hardware and/or software maintenance to the hosting servers must occur in the form of software patches, upgrades, and general maintenance. These types of services are required to maintain a healthy hosting service, and ensure the content and data on the servers are protected and secure. When necessary and when possible, this activity is performed on weekend mornings between the hours of 12 midnight and 6 a.m. (EST) to minimize downtime and minimize access to the server, websites, portals, data, etc.

Urgent Maintenance Downtime
The digital world is ever-changing. Code, software and the digital means to make digital life happen can contain security exploits. It can be necessary for and its hosting partners to make various updates to combat fraudulently and nefarious activity during normal business hours, which can include hours throughout any given workday. We pride ourselves on maintaining an extremely high level of server uptime, but we reserve the right to pull services offline to make emergency updates or patch software.