If you received a notifiction about your email storage limit, it will be necessary to clear up space. If your mailbox reaches the 25GB limit, any future incoming emails will be rejected.

The best way to manage your emails is by logging into webmail at https://secure.nickgreenemail.com.

  • Purge your SPAM folder. Most people never check or manage this folder, but a lot of mail can accumulate in this folder over time.
  • Work through your INBOX or other storage folders to locate and find emails you no longer need, and then delete.
  • Don't forget the SENT folder.
  • If you send emails containing large attachments, consider those for deletion since they take up considerable space. (Also, consider using a third party file share service or cloud solution like Google Drive or Apple iCloud.)

Interested in archiving your emails?

If you need to store and log emails from your organization for significant time periods, contact us and ask about additional storage and/or email archiving services.