1. We provide one, free migration process to copy over emails from the previous host server. Additional migration services are billed at $150 each. To avoid these additional fees, read on.
  2. The service is only able to connect to other host servers. If your email was being downloaded to your local computers via POP/POP3, you will need to work with an IT specialist. You can stop here. No migration can be performed.
  3. You must provide a full list of all email accounts, including passwords. We recommend sharing these via a Google sheet. Do not send your email passwords in an email to us as this is not secure.
  4. Make sure your current passwords are correct. Do not assume and test each one. If they are not, the migration will fail, and additional fees are billed.
  5. Any folders created under the current email accounts must only contain spaces, dashes, or underscores.
    Proper folder name examples:

    Rename any folders if they use non-standard characters prior to the migration. 
  6. Passwords used for email accounts under our hosting must adhere to certain security protocols. If your current passwords do not meet those standards, we will establish new versions on this side, and then document in the Google sheet.
    • must contain one lowercase letter
    • must contain one uppercase letter
    • must contain one special character (#!@$%^&)
    • must contain one number
    • must contain at least eight characters
    • cannot be part of the user name (johndoe@ cannot use "johndoe" in the password)
    • cannot part of the domain name (someone@foobar.com cannot use "foobar" in the password)
  7. We will setup a Google sheet (if you have not already) to share the email address info.
  8. nickgreene.com does not offer IT services or software support. We only provide the hosting of the email accounts. If you have issues with your PCs, tablets, phones, or email management software, you will need to partner with an IT specialist to resolve.
  9. We offer a "how-to" portal via https://nickemailhelp.com. You will need to use your email address and password to login to this portal. If this service is not helpful and you still experience issues, you will need to consult with an IT specialist.
  10. The migration service is offered as-is. You must check your accounts after the migration to ensure all email was moved over.
  11. Typically, the migration service is performed 24 to 48 hours after the DNS change. This ensures no emails are lost in the process. Upon request, we can start the migration sooner.
  12. If any email accounts are managed via Outlook, Apple Mail, or any third party software, it is necessary to setup a second account (even though the email addresses are the same.) The current account is managing and accessing email from your current email host provider. The new account would be accessing our email host servers. Once the migration is complete, you should be able to delete the version from the previous email host provider.
  13. Webmail is available via https://nickemail.com
  14. Lastly, we highly recommend our clients partner with an IT specialist to help create a smooth transition for the email hosting, and so someone can be onsite to help with any issues or problems. To clarify, nickgreene.com is only offering the hosting service of the email accounts. Technical support for email software, Outlook, Apple Mail, PC support, tablests, or phones is not offered. We can supply IT references if needed.