Forgive the informal approach. I am receiving many inquiries these days about various emails our clients receive, and it is impossible to reply to all of them, hence, this page.

1.) Only one automated email is generated from our email hosting service. It is related to your email account storage and sends you an email once you are close to reaching capacity. There is no link in this email.

2.) You will continue receiving emails that are phishing scams. If you receive any emails that have links, they are scam/phishing emails trying to steal your password. Mark them as spam and delete. As long as you do not click over to the site and enter your password, you are safe.

3.) Did I mention you will receive more of these? A lot more. Foreign nations are hostile to our country and are making every effort to disrupt business activity and to steal or extort money from American businesses.

Be vigilant and educate yourself, so you do not become a victim.


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